Rocky Mountain Trees & Landscaping, Inc. provides the highest quality, cold hardy, native and non-native evergreen and deciduous trees in the Gunnison Valley.  We pride ourselves in providing trees that thrive in our harsh high altitude environment!

Now taking tree installation requests for 2024 Season!


RMTL, Inc. will guarantee that all trees or shrubs purchased from and planted by RMTL, Inc. are true to name and to the best of our knowledge are disease free and have been planted to the most recent industry standards insuring the best possible growing environment.  RMTL, Inc. has a limited guarantee on the life of our planted trees or shrubs for one year from the date of planting considering proper planting location and adequate irrigation are accounted for. If it does not survive we will replace it with an equal or lesser value plant (discounted plants will be guaranteed to price paid).

RMTL, Inc. will not guarantee plant material damaged by environmental factors, which can include but are not limited to animals, insects, snow, sun, wind, or drought.

RMTL, Inc. will not guarantee plant material damaged or destroyed by snow or snow removal equipment, damage caused by construction or damage caused by other contractors.

RMTL, Inc. will do its best to insure every customer a healthy and aesthetic product given the factors of our mountain climate.  Proper tree care is the responsibility of the owner.  Keeping the area around the base of the tree or shrub mulched and weed free will greatly help the growing environment of the plants.  Fall watering is crucial for trees to have enough moisture heading into the winter season.  We recommend deep watering trees and shrubs once a week, until the ground is frozen even after your sprinkler system is winterized. We recommend that evergreen trees planted in exposed locations be sprayed with an anti-transpirant up to three times a winter for one or two winters.  Some trees in extreme situations may also need to be covered with burlap for the first winter.  Staking trees is generally not recommended because it does not promote strong trunk and root growth, however it may be recommended to stake trees in some cases, especially exposed locations.  These extra steps can make a plant that is surviving into a plant that is thriving.